Specific Services Available to Our Clients Include:

Before your immigration to Canada:

assessing your chances of success, advising you on the most favorable course of action to be taken;
selecting the most suitable category for you and assisting you in understanding applicable immigration requirements and procedures;
advising you as to what specific information and documentation is required and reviewing all of the information and documentation to assure its completeness and accuracy to comply with the immigration requirements;  
explaining all of the applicable required forms and assisting you in their accurate completion;
  reviewing and advising on criminal records, and where advisable, applying for an "Approval of Rehabilitation";
finalizing and submitting your formal application package to the appropriate Canadian Visa office;  
  preparing you for your interview at the Canadian Visa office;  
  following up with the progress of the processing of your application within the normal time frame to completion and assisting in resolving any problems that may arise during the processing;  
  acting as your personal representative with the Canadian Visa office whenever necessary until you receive your Canadian Immigration Visas;  
  keeping you informed about changes in immigration policies, regulations and laws relevant to your application.  
After your immigration to Canada:
  assisting you in locating and providing you with introductions to reputable travel and assurance agencies, moving companies, real estate companies, accountants, lawyers, bankers and government offices as may be required;  
  assisting you in locating and attending informative seminars given by reputable banks to arrange appointments, assistance in obtaining credit cards, ETC cards, opening bank accounts, obtaining lines of credit, arranging home and commercial mortgages, applying for safety deposit boxes and the like;  
  assisting those of our clients with Conditional Immigrant Visas with their Condition Removal Applications;  
  providing information and explanations concerning rights and obligations of Permanent Residents in Canada;
  assisting you in sponsoring certain relatives, such as children, spouses, fiances, parents and grandparents under the "Family Class" category;  
  assisting you in applying for Canadian citizenship including the preparation and completion of citizenship applications and where necessary, appeals in Canada.