Hong Kong Capital Investment Entrant Scheme

The Immigration Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has started to accept application under this scheme since October 2003. The investor should invest not less than HK$6.5 million in the permissible investment asset classes (As of October 14, 2010, the required invest amount was increased to HK$10 million), prove the ownership of fund and fulfill certain security requirement. After, residing in Hong Kong for 7 years continually, the investor and his/her dependant(s) usually can submit their Hong Kong Permanent Resident application.

Our company has started to provide the service of Hong Kong Capital Investment Entrant Scheme for foreign investors and Canadian Permanent Residents since 2005. At the same time, we also assist Chinese Citizens to apply for a third country Permanent Resident status.

Scope of the Scheme
  The Scheme is applicable to:  
  foreign nationals (except nationals of Afghanistan, Albania, Cuba and Democratic People's Republic of Korea);  
  Macao Special Administrative Region (Macao SAR) residents;
  Chinese nationals who have obtained permanent resident status in a foreign country;
  stateless persons who have obtained permanent resident status in a foreign country with proven re-entry facilities; and  

Taiwan residents.
Eligibility Criteria :
  To qualify for admission under the Scheme, the entrant must :  
be aged 18 or above when applying for entry under the Scheme;
  have net assets of not less than HK$10 million to which he is absolutely beneficially entitled throughout the two years preceding his application;  
  have invested within six months before submission of his application to the Immigration Department, or will invest within six months after the granting of approval in principle by the Immigration Department, not less than HK$10 million in permissible investment asset classes (except Certificates of Deposit which must be invested within the latter period) as detailed in page "Permissible Investment Asset Classes";  
  have no adverse record both in Hong Kong and country/region of residence; and  
  be able to demonstrate that he is capable of supporting and accommodating himself and his dependants, if any, on his own without relying on any return on the permissible investment assets, employment or public assistance in Hong Kong.  

Entry of Dependants:

    Entrants may be allowed to bring in their dependants (i.e. spouse and unmarried dependent children under 18 years of age) provided that the entrant is capable of supporting and accommodating his dependants on his own without relying on any return on the permissible investment assets, employment or public assistance in Hong Kong. The entry of dependants will however be subject to any other policy applicable to such entry at the time of application.  
Entry Arrangements:  
    A successful entrant, and his dependant(s) if any, will be issued with a visa / entry permit to be collected from the Immigration Department by himself or through his local reference in Hong Kong for onward transmission to him. The visa label should be affixed onto a blank visa page of the entrant's travel document for presentation to the immigration officer upon arrival in Hong Kong. If the entrant has no proper travel document acceptable for traveling to Hong Kong, an entry permit will be issued instead. The same entry arrangements will apply to the entrant's dependants.  

Condition of Stay:

    When approval in principle is given to an entrant, he will be initially allowed to enter Hong Kong on visitor status for three months. If evidence of active progress in investment can be shown, his visitor status can be extended for another three months. When the entrant has furnished proof that the requisite level of investment has been made, permission to stay for two years (formal approval) will be granted. Further extensions for two years will be granted if the entrant can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Immigration Department that he continues to meet the eligibility criteria and portfolio maintenance requirements as mentioned in the corresponding web pages. Further extensions for 2 years will be granted on the same basis. Upon completion of not less than seven years of continuous ordinary residence in Hong Kong, the entrant and his dependants may apply for the right of abode in Hong Kong in accordance with the law.  
    Entrants admitted under the Scheme are subject to a special condition of stay. If an entrant breaches any part of his Undertaking to the Immigration Department, he, together with his dependants, if any, would only be allowed to stay in Hong Kong for the remainder of his limit of stay or two months after the Director of Immigration has determined that he has breached the Undertaking, whichever is earlier.  
Specific Services Available to Our Clients Include:  
1. assessing your chances of success, advising you on the most favorable course of action to be taken;
2. selecting the most suitable category for you and assisting you in understanding applicable immigration requirements and procedures;
3. our company 's professional lawyer or consultant will only take application that has a high successful rate;
4. finalizing and submitting your formal application package;
5. preparing you for your interview
6. following up with the progress of the processing of your application within the normal time frame to completion and assisting in resolving any problems that may arise during the processing;
7. acting as your personal representative with the Hong Kong Immigration office whenever necessary until you receive your Hong Kong Immigration Visas;
8. keeping you informed about changes in immigration policies, regulations and laws relevant to your application.
9. assisting you in locating and providing you with introductions to reputable travel and assurance agencies, moving companies, real estate companies, accountants, lawyers, bankers and government offices as may be required;
10. assisting you in locating and attending informative seminars given by reputable banks to arrange appointments, assistance in obtaining credit cards, ETC cards, opening bank accounts, obtaining lines of credit, arranging home and commercial mortgages, applying for safety deposit boxes and the like;
11. providing information and explanations concerning rights and obligations of Permanent Residents in Hong Kong;
12. assisting you in sponsoring your dependants, such as children and spouse;
13. assisting you in applying for Hong Kong citizenship applications
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