Canada Immigration Tips

Moving to Canada: Essentials Checklist for Newcomers


Settling Down in Canada?

  1. Apply for your Social Insurance Number (SIN). You can apply for your SIN by visiting a Service Canada Centre in person, online, or by mail. Visit Service Canada’s website for more information.
  2. Get Medical / Health Services Coverage
    • You should apply for medical services coverage as soon as you arrive in Canada.
    • If you are moving to Ontario, you should visit a Service Canada Centre to apply for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and get a health card. There is no waiting period for OHIP coverage. For more information on how to get a health card, visit the Government of Ontario’s website here.
    • If you are moving to British Columbia, you should apply for the Medical Services Plan (MSP). As there is a three month wait period for MSP coverage, you should get private health care insurance to cover this three month waiting period. For more information on the MSP, visit the Government of British Columbia’s website here.
  3. Open a Canadian bank account
    • There are several large banks in Canada such as TD, RBC Royal Bank, CIBC, Scotiabank, BMO etc…
  4. Get a Canadian mobile phone number
    • There are many service providers in Canada such as Bell, Rogers, Telus, Fido, Virgin Mobile, Koodo, Lucky Mobile, Freedom Mobile etc….
  5. You may want to get a driver’s license. In Canada, a driver’s license can also serve as one of your photo identification documents.
  6. Find a family doctor / general practitioner (GP)
  7. If you will be arriving to Canada as an international student, get a student card, provide your Canadian address and phone number to the school
  8. If your children are under 18 years of age, the local government will provide free education to them as soon as they have registered at the local School Board. Please make sure they are registered at the local school board, provide address proof etc… so that the nearest school will be assigned to them. For private schools, note that the government will not be responsible for tuition fees and fees will be charged depending on each individual school.


If you have landed in Canada with a Confirmation of PR (COPR), you should have been asked to provide a Canadian address to the border services officer at the port of entry. Your PR card will be mailed directly to the address provided.



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