Family Sponsorship

Parents and grandparents Program (PGP)

For this class, you will also need to prove that:

  • you are the child or grandchild of the person(s) you are sponsoring
  • you meet the Minimum Necessary Income (MNI) required for the size of your family, including the sponsored parent(s)
  • you are living in Canada, you cannot submit an outland PGP application

Length of undertaking:

  • 20 years

Quota system

  • There is a limited quota (normally annually) for PGP
  • IRCC accepted up to 10,000 applications for the 2020 PGP and will accept 30,000 new applications in 2021
  • Potential sponsors need to fill out the “interest to sponsor” form during a specific period (already closed for 2020 intake). IRCC will randomly pick sponsors and send out “invitations to apply” to invite them to submit a PGP application.

Official links:
Notice – Supplementary Information for the 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan
Family sponsorship