Family Sponsorship

Other Family Members

There are two specific situations that you may sponsor relatives other than Spouse, common-law partner, dependent children, parents, and grandparents.

Situation 1:

You can sponsor an orphaned brother, sister, nephew, niece or grandchild only if they meet all of these conditions:

  • they’re related to you by blood or adoption
  • both their mother and father passed away
  • they’re under 18 years of age
  • they’re single (not married or in a common-law or conjugal relationship)

Situation 2:

You may sponsor one relative, related by blood or adoption, of any age, if you meet all of these conditions:

  • you don't have a living relative you could sponsor instead
  • you don’t have any relatives, who is a:
    • Canadian citizen
    • permanent resident

The situations are rare, please contact us if you would like to learn more.

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