Skilled Worker

Provincial Nominee Program - Express Entry (PNP EE)

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) for skilled workers are available in many provinces. Each province/territory has specific selection criteria for a nomination. By obtaining a provincial nomination, applicants in the Express Entry pool will get an additional 600 points, which will automatically get them an invitation to apply in the next draw.

Most of those programs required applicants to have existing job offers from the respective province. A few provinces have programs that do not require a job offer but may need applicants to be working in “in-demand” occupations of the province. Most of these programs are aligned with the Express Entry system, thus known as PNP EE.

Here we focus on the PNP EE that do not require a job offer which is more common for applicants not residing in Canada.

Similar to the PNP Business programs, PNP EE applicants must have the intention to live in the Province that they aim for. To get a nomination, in addition to creating an EE profile and choosing the targeted province(s) as one of the intended destinations, PNP EE applicants …

  • May need to submit an Express of Interest (EOI) for some provinces, such as Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan
  • May get an Invitation to Apply directly from provinces that draw selected applicants from the Express Entry pool, such as Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick

Processing time:

  • Depending on province

What are the competitive edges:

  • Direct PR program
  • Additional 600 CRS points for Express Entry

PNP EE Program is suitable for applicants …

  • Meet the FSW requirements and already in the EE pool
  • Work in one of the in-demand occupations of targeted province
  • Have connection with the targeted province, such as with close relatives residing there and/or studied/worked there in the past


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