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Ms. Lai - Visitor Visa for Domestic Helpers (June 2024)

I have received an email from IRCC Canada yesterday stating the approval of my application for renouncing the PR status.

Thanks for your good services and assistance of the whole process.

Best Regards, Mr. Mak (May 2024)

Vincent (May 2024)

Lawrence (May 2024)

Mary and Kasey:



陳先生 (台灣 2024-04-28)

We benefit greatly from Mary and Kasey's professional help. They are always responsive and make the whole process streamlined and organized. I wish I had known them earlier!


Alex & Lily - Open Work Permit (Feb. 2024)

We would like to take a moment to express our appreciation and gratitude to Raymond for his prompt response and efforts in helping us to communicate with our Business Immigration Officer and facilitate our application efficiently.

Wishing you all the best for 2024! Good health, joy, and contentment!

Mandy & Terence (Jan 2024)

Judy and Family (Dec 2023)

MERRY Christmas!

Paul & Jennifer, Vancouver (Dec 2023)

Merry Christmas to you, Mary,

I hope all is well with you and yours. We are settling into Canada and the culture is fine after a couple of adjustments. We certainly would never have got this far without your help! Thanks again.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2024.

Robert & Elis (Dec. 2023)

We are writing to express our heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional services provided by your immigration agency. We are grateful for your team's commitment to accuracy and efficiency in handling our case. The meticulous preparation and timely submission of all necessary documentation ensured a smooth and successful outcome for our entire family. Your agency's precision and professionalism have left a lasting impression on us.

Your team was always available to address our concerns and patiently answer our questions. Your leadership and empathy have made the immigration process less daunting, allowing us to focus on the transition to our new life as a family. Thank you again for your exceptional leadership and remarkable services. We wish you continued success in assisting families like ours in their pursuit of a better future.

With Deepest Appreciation, Or's Family (Dec. 2023)

I am so glad to have found Rothe International for my immigration consultancy.  Mary and her team are there to help me make the entire process easier and more efficient.  I don’t need to worry about many paper work for my application as well as immigration problem.  I got my visa for landing within two years since my PNP application in 2013.  Mary did not stop her caring and guidance to me after I moved to PEI, Canada.  She continues to deliver superior customer experience.   Take this chance, I want to express my sincere appreciation for her support, service and professionalism.


Meian, July 2023

Hi Mary & Kasey,

My heartfelt appreciation and compliments to your professional advisory and hardworking job in filing and submission of my wife Connie’s PRTD application.
The result was unexpectedly successful, she was granted a 3 years multiple re-entry permit in less than a week.
A job well done !
Many thanks

Darwin, June 2023

I started doing research in finding the right consultant for my Start-up (SUV) migration project in 2016 and finally decided to seek Mary's help beacause she has successfully helped one of my indirect friend moving to PEI before. Mary has been very patient and professional throughout the application process. I have already referred 5 other friends to her last two years. I won't hesitate to refer more to her in the future. The process is not easy and too many scammers out there,  we need professional and trusted hands like her and her team. 

Eddy and family living in Vancouver since early 2020

Hi Mary & Team, 

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I am grateful to have you prepare our documents for sponsoring my wife in 2012, renewing her PR card in 2017 and now!

Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season.

Billy, 2022 Dec

My wife and I had our first meeting with Ms. Mary Chan of Rothe International Canada in August 2020. She impressed me greatly with her vast knowledge so I immediately decided to engage her to take care of my wife’s immigration application through my sponsorship.

Everything went according to plan and her application was approved a year later. Because of Covid, we were stuck in Canada in early 2022. I asked Mary to apply for an extension of visa and she agreed without hesitation and the extension was granted quickly in May. We were then able to return to Hong Kong to make proper arrangements and preparations. My wife became permanent resident on 11th October 2022 spending only about 15 minutes at the Vancouver Airport Immigration office.

Mary and her assistant Joyce were hard-working, efficient, and very knowledgeable. We would highly recommend to anyone intending to immigrate to Canada.

Y. S. Liu, 10/2022

I decided to move from the UK to Vancouver and attempted to send in my study permit application on my own which became very messy and complicated. Thankfully, I was able to contact Mary and she was extremely patient with my situation. She also provided me with thorough updates on what went wrong in my application and how we should proceed. She managed to fix my whole application and help me obtain my study permit by being attentive to detail and efficient when contacting the IRCC. I am more than grateful to have had Mary and her team's help as I probably would have risked not getting my study permit. Thank you!

H. Ko, 09/2022

I have just received the PR Card directly without the likely required interview. It was because of you and your team who had done a professional job. Thanks a lot for your remarkable services!            

Lau from Vancouver

I reached out to Mary in 2021. She and her assistant were very helpful and provided professional advice for my spouse's PR application. Whenever I had questions and queries, Mary or her assistant would response promptly. There were no hidden fees as we were well informed before the whole process.

I would highly recommend her service to anyone who would want to apply PR to Canada.

E.Chen. - spouse landed in Feb 2022

Raymond and Mary had always been professional since we met in 2016 when we first shared our plans of moving to Canada. We appreciated the advice and assistance they provided throughout the process. It's been the fourth year since we came and we are really enjoying our lives here.


Michael from HK

Hello, this is Cherry Wong and Dean Cheuk from Hong Kong. With the BIG help by Raymond and Erika of Rothe our family successfully moved to Canada since Nov 2020.

We are living in Prince Edward Island and has established our gift shop business in Charlottetown. Our kids fully enjoy the Canadian education and living style and every day is full of joy and excitement. Freedom and relax are what we are looking for and our dream comes true after moving here.


1997年我和我亲弟两个家庭办理加拿大投资移民申请。雖然中國有很多移民諮詢公司,但在諮詢了一些之後,我們決定聘請香港的Rothe International Canada。

當時,Rothe正在與香港的匯豐銀行合作,Mary Chan 是他們的移民研討會演講嘉賓之一。 她很專業,知識淵博,樂於助人。 我們迅速獲得了我們的批准,并成功申请成为加拿大公民。並且我們所有的投資資金都在到期時退還了。


在過去的 25 年裡,這家公司一直深受我們的信任,並始終願意提供他們寶貴的專業意見和建議,無論是護照更新、公民身份等…….......我們有許多其他使用過他們服務的朋友都給予了高度評價。在此再次表示衷心的感谢,多谢他們真诚和诚信的专业移民服务!谢谢~

從中國廣東移民到溫哥華 永远的朋友 Simon Liang 3/2022

I am happy to tell you that the whole life of my family has changed after my first call with Raymond of Rothe in 2015.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Mary and Raymond for helping me on PEI PNP application. During the whole process, they provided professional guidance, helped me organizing all necessary documents and prepared me for the interview. If it had not been for their professional assistance in my application, I fear I would not have got my PR.

They are very reliable and helpful and I have referred many friends of mine to Rothe.

Michael Lo from Hong Kong, now living in Toronto with my family


Vivien Jiang - 2004中国沈阳移民到温哥華,2009再移民到香港 写在2022

My younger brother and I applied for Canadian Investment immigration in 1997.  Even though there were a lot of immigration consulting companies in China, after consulting with some of them, we decided to hire Rothe International Canada.

At that time, Rothe was co-operating with HSBC HK and Mary Chan was one of their immigration seminars guest speakers. She was professional, knowledgeable and helpful.  We obtained our approval promptly and also all of our investment money were returned upon expiry.

10 years ago, my younger brother retained Rothe's service to apply for HK visa, he and his family have all become HK citizens now. Over the past 25 years, this company has been well trusted by us and they are always willing to assist, no matter whether it is related to passport renewal, citizenship concern, etc.............We have many other friends who have used their services and all of them speak highly of them.

Immigrated from Guangdong, PRC to Vancouver Forever friends - Simon Liang 03/2022

我亲戚20多年前在贵公司成功办理移民加拿大后,对公司的实力大为赞赏!经他介绍,我2014年委托贵公司办理移民香港,7年多来,由于贵公司业务水平很高,工作思路清晰、讲究方法、办事效率高!让我能顺利如期获得香港公民身份,离不开公司实力强,经验足!Mary的工作经验及对客户耐心细致的指导,让我少走了很多弯路,也让我能够继续我在中国的业务, 在这7年的相处交流中倍感愉快!十分感谢!

Successfully obtain a HKSAR passport in 2022! Helen, Guangdong Province

Mary, can’t believe that I get my visa in 4 months when the processing time said 12 months. For sure all credits go to you, we are glad that we have found you and it has been a pleasure working with you and Joyce. All the best.

R. Tse

I and my wife were looking for an immigration consultant in the summer of 2012. We did not know any immigration programs and which country is the best that fit our background and family needs. I shortlisted three immigration companies from internet search and arranged to visit them. The other two companies were only interested in selling their "immigration products" with no interest in listening to us. We met Mary Chan and she gave us recommendations based on our background and family needs. 

Our experience during the entire PNP application process was awesome. Mary has been very professional in all her dealings, very prompt in answering our concerns and ensured that each detail in our application forms were accurate.  Mary had guided us every step of the way and we felt so confident that her work will lead to having the PNP application approved without any problems. We received our Canadian Permanent Residents in 2014 and became Canadian Citizens in 2018.  Many thanks for Mary's hard work and professional job. We definitely will continue to refer Rothe International Canada to our friends.

Danny Shum from Hong Kong, living in PEI since August 2013.

I’ve approached other companies for similar services before I stumbled upon Rothe International and its professional service was unmatched by other companies that I eventually ditched them.

Even at an initial stage before I decided to engage the company, the staff who did the follow-up after I took the initial assessment was patient and I was fully informed of the likelihood of success in my case. Throughout the application process, they maintained constant and timely communication with and offered sound advice to me as I had to make decisions at different points.

Their handling of all those paper or form filling works was efficient and accurate. I’m glad that it only took me less than 6 months to put through my PR application - nearly effortless on my part! I would highly recommend Rothe International to those who look for professional and reliable immigration service.

Crystal Chan from Hong Kong, living in Toronto