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What Do I Need to Prepare Before Leaving Hong Kong for Canada?


Personal Health / Necessities:

  • Ask your doctor for a medical reference letter in English with your detailed medical conditions so that doctors in Canada can follow-up if needed
  • If you have chronic conditions, prepare at least 3 months of medicine
  • You should also carry out dental check-up, dental services such as crowns or fillings, buy glasses/contact lenses etc… before leaving Hong Kong as these medical services are much more expensive in Canada


If you have Children:

  • For children under the age of 16, bring their immunization records. Check that they have taken all the necessary immunizations for children of the same age in Hong Kong
  • Enrol your children for school in Canada. Inform their current school in Hong Kong and complete the student withdrawal procedures. Bring their past three years’ school transcripts and graduation certificates


Property Arrangement:

  • As Canada has capital gain tax, if you have no plans of selling your property before your arrival in Canada, consider conducting a property valuation prior to your first landing. This might be helpful to prove what the market value is at your landing if you eventually sell the property and have to justify whether there is a capital gain tax payable or not.
  • The Canadian income tax year is from January 1st to December 31st. You must file a tax return before April 30 for the previous calendar year. 


If You Are Working:

After resigning from your job, please conduct Tax Clearance in Hong Kong before leaving: Please visit the Inland Revenue Department’s website for details.


Financial Arrangements:

Debts / Agreements:

  • End your Hong Kong subscription, agreement/contracts for services such as movie streaming, utilities, wifi etc…
  • Settle outstanding debts, e.g. credit cards, personal loans, etc.

Credit Cards:

  • Keep your important credit cards for emergency use in Canada
  • Cancel some unnecessary credit cards

Bank Accounts:

  • You may choose to open a Canadian bank account in Hong Kong and transfer money there
  • Close bank accounts in Hong Kong that you seldom use


  • Consolidate your MPF accounts into one account for easy withdrawal in the future
  • Documents required to withdraw your MPF before leaving Hong Kong for reference:
    • HKID card
    • Claim form for payment of MPF on grounds of permanent departure from Hong Kong MPF(S) – W(O)
    • Statutory declaration form MPF(S) – W(SD2)
    • Documentary proof satisfying the trustee that the member is permitted to reside in a place outside Hong Kong
    • Please visit MPFA’s Website for details


Taxation and Wealth Planning:

Consider seeking advice from professional accountants based in Canada who are familiar with both the Hong Kong and Canadian taxation system for assistance with taxation matters and wealth planning.


Mobile Communications / Mail Forwarding:

  • Maintain your Hong Kong mobile phone number and switch to a cheaper plan that can also receive phone calls/SMS services
  • Switch to eStatements, arrange mail forwarding services, or change your mailing address to have your mail sent to other family members’ addresses in Hong Kong, (e.g. water / gas bills, bank statements, insurance statements etc…)


Driving License:

  • Apply for an International Driving License 國際駕駛許可證申請表. This will allow you to drive temporarily in Canada (you can use your HK license for 60 days in Ontario, or 90 days in British Columbia)
  • If you have a HK driver’s license and would like to continue driving in Canada, apply for a Certificate of Driving License Particulars 駕駛執照細節證明申請書 to prove your driving history and record
    • TD320 Application Form
    • Presenting the TD320 in Ontario will allow you to directly take the Full G License test after completing the G1 license test
  • Apply a Hong Kong Certificates of Traffic Conviction Records 駕駛記分記錄及違例駕駛判罪記錄證明書
  • Keep the Hong Kong’s Automobile Insurance NCD (No Claim Discount) as you may need this for reference when you buy a car in Canada


If You Are Travelling With Your Pet:

  • Take your pet to the vet to take all required vaccinations and ask the vet to fill out the International Health Certificate for Cats and Dogs form
  • Fill in the Application for Animal Health Certificate form 動物健康證書申請表, and get it stamped from the Hong Kong Agriculture Fisheries and Conservation Department
  • Get in touch with the airline company and book an air-cargo space for your pet
  • Please leave enough time to prepare your pet for boarding:
    • As the temperature of the air-cargo space is only around 5-10 degrees Celsius, please provide enough warmth protection for your pet
    • Prepare water and food for your pet before sending your pet to the airline
    • Prepare a collar for your pet
    • Put a tag with your name, contact phone number, and address on the cage for emergency contact purposes


Prepare Goods to Bring and Goods to Follow (Shipment) Lists for You and Your Accompanying Family Members:

  • You should prepare a duplicate (一式兩份) of the following forms and present them to the border services officer after arriving at the port of entry:
    • BSF186 Personal Effects Accounting Document
    • BSF186A Goods you are bringing with you to Canada at the time of entry 隨身攜帶的物品
    • BSF186A Goods to follow 隨後寄運加拿大的物品
  • List of duty-free items without tax
  • Get to know which are restricted and prohibited goods you must not bring
  • For details on filling out the BSF186 forms, please refer to CBSA’s website

Please visit our article about this topic - How to Fill Out the BSF186 and BSF186A (B4 and B4A) Personal Effects Accounting Forms for Moving to Canada


Moving Services:

Enquire and get in touch with professional moving companies that have experience in handling international shipments. These companies provide services including packaging, handling, assisting with customs clearance, delivery etc…


Amount of Money You Can Bring When You Enter Canada:

  • If you have currency or monetary instruments equal to or greater than CAD $10,000 (or the equivalent in a foreign currency) in your possession when arriving in or departing from Canada, you must report to the CBSA. In that case, you must report it on the CBSA Declaration Card (if one was provided to you), or in the verbal declaration made to the border services officer.
  • Submit an Advance Declaration, or fill a Declaration Card on board before you arrive


Hand Carry Luggage:

Identity Documents

  • Passport
  • HKID Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage / Divorce Certificate

Visa Approval Documents

  • Study Permit Approval Letter / Work Permit Approval Letters / COPR
  • Biometric Validity Letter
  • Letter of Acceptance from School
  • Custodian Form and Declaration (if required for minor children)

Proof of Vaccination and Medical Records

  • Vaccination Report
  • Children’s Immunization Record
  • Children’s School of Acceptance
  • Medical Exam Report
  • Medical Reference Letter

Other Documents

  • Language Test Result (if any)
  • Educational Certificates & Transcripts
  • Professional Qualifications
  • Work Reference Letters, etc.

Personal Necessities

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Contact Lens & Solution
  • Some Emergency Medicine (for colds, Stomach aches, etc.)


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